Game Recaps from the Weekend

5 beach games and 5 wins!!
ORU I 63 – Pagans 17
ORU II 34 – Pagans 20
TRU Women 32 – Brock/Lindsay 14
TRU I – Mens 63 – Dragons 3
TRU II Mens 60 – Dragons 19

Sorry no recaps this week but really with all of these lopsided scores all you need to know is that the Beach dominated all weekend long.

Upcoming Games

June 8, 2024
ORU I @ Ajax – 3:30pm
ORU II @ Ajax – 2:00pm

TRU Women – BYE Week

TRU I @ Oakville – 12:30pm
TRU II @ North Halton – 2pm CANCELLED


A big congratulations to our very own Beach Alumnus John Straumann for publishing his first novel: Long Time Coming: A Jack Thornton Military Thriller

Long Time Coming is a thrilling novel that explores a scenario where the United States, Canada, and Mexico collaborate to create a massive factory farm in Mexico, aiming to overtake China as the world’s leading manufacturing hub. In response to a new U.S. law banning Chinese products, Admiral Cheng of the Chinese Navy hatches a sinister plan to maintain its superpower status, launching sneak attacks on U.S. Navy assets, and setting off a chain of events that threatens the fragile balance of global infrastructure and the changing face of warfare. Former Navy SEAL Jack Thornton, now a CIA intelligence operative and the senior advisor to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, suspects China is up to something, but can he convince the U.S. Government to act in time?! Long Time Coming combines elements of technology and intrigue, offering a reflection on the precarious power dynamics in an interconnected world.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon, here: Long Time Coming