Beach 2’s

The Longest Road! Semi Finals in Sudbury, 44-0 over the rock pile, Then on to Sarnia on the same day our Firsts play for the Carling Cup over the Irish, thanks ORU!!! Sarnia, with 3 Canadian stars are poised for the kill but they did not reckon on Beach resolve and talent! We win 10-3. The Sarnia fans were not particularly polite with their “typical beach play cry whenever we took a penalty or spilled the ball. The turning point came when Beach are awarded a penalty kick and captain Edwards elects to try for goal. Winger Bruno Brown, knowing the captains limitations exhorts the guys to cover the kick as it may be short! It was and as their fullback gathered it in under the posts, Bruno jolts him and he coughs it up. John makes a good pass to Center Allen (swapped with Muff) and Allen makes the massive leap, all of 13 inches to touch the chalk. The game winner! Van Wert races down the Sarnia sideline admonishing the now silent crew that “ that is typical Beach play!” Sarnia did not invite to their victory celebrations, post game so we stayed in our gear, drove 4.5 hours to the Club and joined the firsts in their celebrations upon winning a Carling Cup! A glorious day, indeed!


Hooker: Geoff Reynolds
Props: Red Lipsett, Lambert McKenzie
Locks: Basil Cultrera, Gord Currie
#8: Jack Baird
Flankers: Gerry Allen,
Scrum half: Jamie Reynolds
Fly half: John Edwards
Centres, Ernie Armstrong, Brian Dunn
Wings: Bob Van Wert, John Brown
Fullback: Rick Chambers