1980 Carling Cup

Its Tim’s time!! No-neck makes his debut in a Cup Final and it is highly successful. Led by captain Stew MacSween, the lads demolish London in what will perhaps be our least contested Cup. A nice day, fast track and no looking back! A record is set in that the celebratory fete lasts from early November to sometime in June!!! Tim M. Jake and Peeeter did us proud.

Beach Roster:

Props Jake Lipsett, Ken Penwarden
Hooker: Bill Salter
Locks: Doug Underwood, Brian Spanton
#8 Peeter Oolup
Flankers: Stew MacSween (Captain) Tim MacMenamin
SH Trevor Thompson
SO Rick Chambers
Centers Terry Crooks, Bruce Gage
Wings Fred Forster, Mike Bradford
Fullback; Kevin Quinn
Reserves: Larry (Bones) Taylor, Dave Balinsky, Carl Trinier, Steve MacAlhenny, Ivars Kopstals, Jerry Ramsay
Reserves can now be actually be used in Sr games!!
Coach Bruce Gage