McCormick Cup and Gee Gage Cup

Beach 1’s 26-21 vs Toronto Scottish

The Game: A fantastic day all round, in that the weather was terrific(14C and sunny), no injuries, buses show up and so did the Scottish.Played on the Nomads pitch as primary field being prepared for the Pan Am Games. One of the best games in a Cup Final in recent memory as both clubs gave it all. Beach scored first on a try by Gowland but the Scottish answered with a couple of penalties. Game see-saws back and forth with the younger MacSween and Douros notching tries to keep pace with the Scottish kicker. Beach kicks a penalty at the half to regain the lead. The second half is a mouth smasher with R. MacSween scoring the only try on a brilliant pass from brother Mark. 26-21. This would be the final score as Beach played superb defense for the last 20 min to keep the thistles at bay. The Piglet had a great defensive day! Beach are also league Champs this season!


Props: Craig Telfer, Shane Pierce, Chris Sopik

Hooker: John Mackie, matt McCartney

Locks: Jon Heron(TREE), Haddon Murray, Scott Dunham

#8: Mark MacSween, Damian Leonard

Flankers: Rob Falls(Rhubarb), Tony Wodzicki, Gearoid Conbhui (Scottish Gary)

Scrum Half: Brendon Douros

Fly half: Haydn Gage (Captain)

Centres: Tyler Allen, Sean Gowland, Colin Alexander

Wings: Ryan MacSwee, Steve MacDonald, James Mitchell

Fullback: Conor McCann

Coaches Bruce Gage, Paul Ambrose


Beach 2’s 37-25 vs Toronto Scottish Gee Gage Cup

A sluggish start to the match as the Scottish seem to exert control and Beach are down by 15 at the half! Beach Forwards led by S Oolup barely hold them at bay. Then the magic. An inspirational few words by the Dude and exceptional leadership by Bushe and the tables are turned as the speed merchants on the outside finally get their due. The final score 37-25.


Hooker: Garrett Magee, Michael Herbert

Props: Pete Tomlinson, Hewitt, Alex Kouprianov

Locks: Steffan Oolup, Claude Germaine, Will Lacey

#8: Andrew James (mountain man)

Flankers: Brandon Connerty, Rob Cullen, Ian McCleish

Scrum Half: Eric Shannon(Cotton) Kieran O’Donnell

Fly Half: Andrew Bushe

Centres: Trevor Scanlon, James Mitchell, Curtis Brown

Wings: Caleb Pilz, Corey (the fast guy)

Fullback: Jesse Henkenhoff

Coaches Bruce Gage and Paul Ambrose