Game Recaps from the Weekend

TRU II: Beach vs Bucc’s II 24-12
A close game to open up the TRU II campaign after last week’s default by Mississauga. Bucc’s and Beach both came out swinging in this hard hitting affair. A quick try by Beach put us up 7-0. Beach soon scored again, but the Bucc’s came back to put the score at 12-7 at half time. The second half saw the return to rugby of former First Fifteen 8-man Damien Leonard after a multi year hiatus. Adding a little umph! To the TRU II pack gave us the edge we needed to pump in two more tries. Final Score 24-12.

TRU I: Beach vs Bucc’s I 66-26
Not much to report here as a quick try from Kyle McCallum at 12 put Beach up 7-0 2min into the game. After that was a day at the races as the backs scored at will. Strong scrum performances saw us with plenty of possession tries reined down. Final Score 66-26.

ORU II: Beach vs Vaughan II 20-0
Easy win for the boys as this game never happened. Vaugh defaulted the game early in the week. Default wins are still bonus point wins though.

ORU I: Beach vs Vaughan I 61-28
Similar to the TRU I game, this one seemed like a day at the racetrack. Cross Kicks, line breaks, and dominant scrums saw a flurry of tries and champagne rugby. Through the first 65 minutes of this game Beach looked like an unstoppable juggernaut that could not be stopped going into the final phase of the game up 61-7. For the last 15min or so mental lapses popped up and led to two concurrent yellow cards dropping Beach down to 13 men. Vaughn, smelling a little blood in the water, surged in the dying minutes to put in a pair of tries. Final score Beach 61-28. This was a great game as it displayed the powerhouse offense that we are capable, but also gave us a couple of good work-on’s going into this week.

TRU Women: Beach vs Belleville 17-29
The ladies made their way to Belleville this past weekend but didn’t bring their typical BBC magid. Belleville struck early and brought constant pressure all game long making it difficult for the ladies to get their offensive set piece going. A dominant Belleville scrum was very disruptive at key times of the game which was just enough to mess with the timing of set pieces causing knock-ons and forward passes.

Upcoming Games

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ORU II vs Peterborough Pagans @ Nicholls Oval 2:00
TRU I vs Toronto Dragons @ Eglinton Flats 3:30
TRU II vs Toronto Dragons @ Eglinton Flats 2:00
TRU Women vs Brock/Lindsay @ Tubs and Gee 12:30