Here is the information from 240 regarding Rugby Squash

I am ecstatic to advise that Rugby Squash will be running March 20th, 21st and March 23rd of 2024 and this is your formal invitation to sign up! It is time to dust off your balls, your racquets, your goggles and such and squeeze onto the courts for some epic Squash action!

We need 64 players of varying skill sets, from beginner to pros (it’s a state of mind); to pay $65, get a deluxe souvenir T-Shirt to prove you were really there, a bite to eat during the week, a few pints, a chance to win fabulous prizes and most importantly the opportunity to rub shoulders with new people, old friends, exes, foes and some cool rugby players pretending to play Squash.

Format is rally-point to 25, no need to win by 2 and you will be matched up, as best as humanly possible, with someone of like ability or inability, keeping in mind we make the odd mistake in ranking players! Having said this, any mismatches will be addressed as best as possible and all matches should be reasonably even.

Please confirm via e-mail, as soon as possible, to and e-transfer the cash and I will solidify your spot. We do our best to accommodate timing on the schedule but it is relatively flexible. Games will run from 4pm to about 10pm and if you are not pissed by then, it’s your fault. Eight teams of 8 players for the Wednesday and Thursday evening, we then take the aggregate for each team and the top 4 teams play off on Saturday with a clean slate and 4 teams are eliminated after play on Thursday, pretty simple!

Thanks for all of your wonderful support over the years and incidentally, all proceeds go to the rugby section.

Sign up, do it now as it will fill up quickly.

Let me know if you have any questions!

240 (Gord Young)