Carling Cup 1981

Our second Cup in a row and part a massive undefeated stretch of league and playoff games! This thriller vs the Nomads is a classic as the match seesawed back and forth, Trevor Thompson keeps us apace with his kicking, 5 for 5!!!

At the end of regulation 15-15, and as referee Alan Pigott declares overtime he also mutters that he hopes it won’t be decided by a decision of his doing!

In the OT, Ivars Kopstals is injured and Paul Douros is called into the fray. According to Jake, we then win a scrum against the head( which Peeter believed for about 20 years). In reality, we win a lineout, the ball goes to Merv Edwards on the wing who grubbers thru and Dopey jumps on it and rolls into the north end zone of the Irish pitch to be lost amid the horde of Blue and Gold.

Fantastic finish, sudden victory! 19-15

Beach Roster:

Props: Jake Lipsett, Ken Penwarden
Hooker: Jim Reive
Locks: Ivars Kopstals, Doug Underwood
#8 Peeter Oolup
Flankers: Stew MasSween(Captain), Brian Spanton
SH Trevor Thompson
SO Phil Frampton
Centers: Graham Glover, Bruce Gage
Wings: Fred Forster, Merv Edwards
Fullback: Rick Chambers
Coach Bruce Gage
Reserves: Mike Bradford, Lambert McKenzie, Tim MacMenamin, Brian Corcoran, Paul Douros, Bill Salter