As the schedule unfolded, the fledgling Owen Sound squad was posed against the Beach 1’s in first round Cup action .Beach, however had a massive West Coast of Canada tour planned for this same time frame. The Tour included about 50 players, most of our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team players! Owen Sound turned down our request to reschedule. What to do? Time to call on our super subs with their plethora of experience and word went out to our retirees to find their boots and hit the running trails! Nearly 30 guys responded. Coaches Baldwin, Buckingham and Allen had actual tryouts and practices and games. Like a 3 week reunion only with a more serious outcome at the end. Eventually some 20 players turned up in Owen Sound on that fateful day in August 1980. Coach Baldwin gave Captain Edwards his game plan with a terse, Ïf you kick it, I will f…..g kill you”! The youthful and energetic Owen Sound squad played valiantly but to little avail. Bruno Brown scored a typical “high knees” try and that is all we would need, especially when fullback McConvey snuffed out a late surge by crashing a young winger with his formidable “chest” thump. 10-0 final to us. The folklore was established as was the road paved to another Beach Cup amid an undefeated season! We telephoned the touring guys in Victoria and strangely they were in a pub celebrating a victory over then Canadian Club champs Oak Bay. Indeed, celebrations reverberated across the land! Up the Beach!

Props—Red Lipsett, Chris Rhora
Hooker, Bill salter
2nd Row—Basil Cultrera, Jack baird
# 8 Brian Dunn
Scrum half George McConnachie
Fly Half John Edwards
Centers Ed Caterer, Tim Mallory
Wings John Brown, Ronnie Wright
Fullback Ian McConvey
Reserves+ Phil Redwood, Bob Whittaker, Jim Hill, John Lewandowski
Coaches Bernie Baldwin, Brian Buckingham, Gerry Allen