The name is changed but the Championship is still the Ontario Senior League’s best!

All Cups are unique but this one was somewhat unexpected. It is the only Championship from 68-2011 without a Gage. A testament to the tremendous influence of this Family on Beach Rugby!

To the game…. On frozen pond, the Union pitch is brutal as are the temperatures as we take on the Barbarians. It is a hammer and tong sort of contest on a day when the Beach would not be denied. Both the seconds and fourths were already celebrating Cup victories of their own when we kickoff. Ian Bell comes out at the half due to severe hypothermia, and Spaz goes down with a groin injury. Dennis Johnston comes in to sub Spaz and Underwood moves to #8. The other substitution is a little story in that Phil Frampton, who had played the entire second team game, is put in at center for Bell by coach Allen. However, captain Chambers and Frampton have a discussion on the way on to the field and decide that Phil will play SO, Chambers moves to Inside center and Standish moves to outside center. Unbeknownst to us until post game analysis at the bar, this was a crucial move as McMillan, Barbs captain, focused their defence on Chambers! When Phil calls a frenchie on a ball won off a scramble, Chambers becomes the best “dummy” and Forster touches down in the corner with the winning points, 10-7.


Beach Roster:

Props Angelo Mikrogiannakis Paul Ambrose
Locks: Peter Scabolcz, Dave Jirik
#8 Brian Spanton
Hooker: Neil MaGee
Centers Ian bell, Brian Standish
Flankers: Doug Underwood, Chris Rhora
Wings Fred Forster, Gary Long
SH Peter(Chet) Lemmon
Fullback Scott Porter
SO Rick Chambers (Captain)
Reserves: Dennis Johnston, Phil Frampton, Rick Trbovscek
Coaches: Gerry Allen, Roger Ferguson, Gary Morton, Ed Caterer