Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for July 1st

There were 2 games last night at Tee and Gee vs Ajax
ORU II – 33-5
ORU I – 38-12

Pure dominance from both the 1s and the 2s. The write up will be available next week.

Friday – U16 boys will be hosting King Edward School – Bath – There are 2 games both at Tubs and Gee kickoffs at 5pm and 6:30pm

Saturday – TRU1 vs Dragons – 3:30pm @ Tubs and Gee

Sunday – U14 girls will be playing at Tubs and Gee – kickoff at 9am – U14 boys will be playing at SATEC – kickoff at 9am

Last week recap – The U18 girls finally got the opportunity to put their training to the test and finished with a convincing 85-20 win over the Caledon Cavaliers. The U18 Boys 2’s grabbed their first win of the season Wednesday night with a hard fought 24-17 victory over the Barbs. The first XV narrowly lost their connect with Aurora 24-23 but stl collected 2 bonus points.

Big Shout out to our Lucus Rumball who will captain the Canadian Mens Senior side against Scotland in Ottawa this weekend.

Goodbye Rugby Volleyball – Its difficult for me to write this, but sadly Rugby volleyball has been cancelled this year. The highlight of the summer, the best day of the year, the rugby section’s largest fundraiser has been cancelled this year due to poor attendance. The last few years saw the fun event take place at Polson Pier but with increased traffic and declining numbers the organizers have made the most difficult decision to cancel the event. I hope this is temporary and the event comes back next year with more teams and more fun than ever before.

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for June 24th

Game Recaps from the Weekend
ORU I 57 – Barrie 24
ORU II 31 – Barrie 5
TRU I 17 – Baystreet 22
TRU II 0 – Baystreet 20 _Default
TRU Women’s 25 – Belleville 22

Apologies for no recaps either as we have been having some communication issues. This will be sorted out and we’ll be back on track for our Week 7 games and beyond. On behalf of the Beach Alumni executive, we would like to wish you a very safe and happy Canada Day long weekend. Please be safe out there. There is some rugby this weekend if you are around.

Thursday June 27
Beach U18 Boys take on Bro Teifi, touring side from Wales. Location RH King Collegiate (3800 St Clair East) at 6:30pm.
Beach U16 Boys play Toronto City at SATEC tonight at 5pm

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for June 17th

Hopefully you had a great Fathers Day weekend and it was capped off by 4 big wins at Tubs and Gee on Saturday afternoon

ORU I 39 – Oshawa I – 31
ORU II 33 – Oshawa II – 22
TRU I 73 – Baystreet Pigs I – 7
TRU II 38 – Baystreet Pigs II – 5

Sorry no write up this weekends games

This week we look ahead to week 6 action and the last games before the Canada Day long weekend

ORU I @ Barrie RFC (Jim Hamilton Field) – 3:30pm
ORU II @ Barrie RFC (Jim Hamilton Field) – 2pm
TRU I @ Baystreet (Sunnybrook Park) 3:30pm
TRU II @ Baystreet (Sunnybrook Park) 2:00pm
TRUW vs Belleville @ Tubs and Gee 12;30pm

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for June 10th

Game Recaps from the Weekend

Balmy Beach Dominates Ajax Wanderers with 45-29 Victory – In an electrifying display of rugby prowess, the Balmy Beach 1s triumphed over the Ajax Wanderers with a decisive 45-29 win on the road. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams showcasing their skills, but it was Balmy Beach who emerged victorious, thanks to a formidable performance by their forwards.

From the first whistle, it was clear that Balmy Beach meant business. The forwards set the tone early, establishing dominance in the scrums and rucks. The power and cohesion of the pack were evident, as they relentlessly drove the Ajax forwards backward, winning crucial scrums and providing a steady platform for the backs to launch their attacks.

The first half saw Balmy Beach taking control of the game with a series of well-executed plays. Their relentless pressure paid off as they crossed the try line multiple times, capitalizing on Ajax’s defensive lapses. The forwards were instrumental in these efforts, with powerful carries and effective rucking that kept the opposition on the back foot. By halftime, Balmy Beach had built a solid lead, but Ajax remained in the hunt with some well-taken opportunities of their own.

The second half continued much in the same vein, with Balmy Beach’s forwards showcasing their superiority in the scrum. Every scrum became a platform for attack, and the Beach pack did not disappoint. They drove Ajax off the ball time and again, creating space and opportunities for the backs. This dominance in the set-piece was a key factor in Balmy Beach’s ability to control the game and keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Standout performances from the forwards included powerful runs from the number eight, who consistently broke the gain line, and the tighthead prop, whose scrummaging technique was flawless. The lineout was another area where Balmy Beach excelled, with their jumpers stealing crucial ball and disrupting Ajax’s throw-ins.

Despite Ajax’s best efforts to mount a comeback, Balmy Beach’s defensive line held firm. The Wanderers did manage to score a few well-worked tries, but it was not enough to overcome the deficit. Balmy Beach’s discipline and strategic kicking ensured they kept Ajax pinned in their own half for significant portions of the game.

In the dying minutes, Balmy Beach sealed their victory with a final try, much to the delight of their traveling supporters. The final whistle blew, confirming a 45-29 win for the visitors.

This victory was a testament to the strength and skill of Balmy Beach’s forwards, whose dominance in all facets of forward play—particularly during scrum time—was the foundation of their success. With this win, Balmy Beach continues to build momentum, eyeing further triumphs as the season progresses.

Balmy Beach ORU IIs Rout Ajax Wanderers IIs with 45-17 Win – In a dominant performance, the Balmy Beach ORU IIs steamrolled the Ajax Wanderers IIs with a commanding 45-17 victory. From the outset, it was clear that Balmy Beach had the upper hand, as they quickly established a lead that they never relinquished.

The game was a rout from the beginning. Balmy Beach’s explosive backline showcased their superior pace and skill, leaving Ajax struggling to keep up. The Beach’s continuity in play was remarkable, with seamless passing and well-executed set pieces leading to numerous well-worked tries.

Balmy Beach opened the scoring early and continued to pile on the points with clinical precision. Their backs were in scintillating form, slicing through the Ajax defense with ease. The fluidity and cohesion of the team were evident in every phase of play, making it a one-sided affair.

Despite Ajax’s efforts, they simply could not match the tempo set by Balmy Beach. The Wanderers managed to score a few tries, but they were never truly in contention. Balmy Beach’s defense remained solid, effectively shutting down any potential comebacks.

As the final whistle blew, the scoreline read 45-17 in favor of Balmy Beach ORU IIs, a fitting reflection of their dominance throughout the match. With this victory, Balmy Beach showcased their prowess and set a high standard for the remainder of the season.

Beach TRU 1s Edge Out Oakville Crusaders 3s in a Thrilling 40-31 Victory – In an exhilarating match, the Beach TRU 1s secured a hard-fought 40-31 victory over the Oakville Crusaders 3s. The game was a captivating battle of contrasting styles, with the youthful Beach side using their speed and intelligence to outmaneuver the powerful Oakville forwards.

From the kickoff, it was clear that both teams were ready to leave everything on the field. The Oakville Crusaders relied on their dominant forwards to control the tempo of the game. Their strategy of slowing down play and making tough runs around the base of the scrum saw them gain significant yardage. The Crusaders’ big, burly forwards were relentless, making it difficult for Beach to halt their advances.

Despite the formidable challenge posed by Oakville’s pack, Beach TRU 1s had a game plan that revolved around their speed and agility. Whenever they had possession, Beach wasted no time in spreading the ball wide. Their fast backline, supported by a never-tiring back row and a mobile pack, repeatedly found gaps in the Crusaders’ defense.

The first half was a seesaw battle with both teams trading scores. Oakville’s forwards were effective in close quarters, scoring through powerful drives and maintaining pressure. However, Beach responded with quick, incisive attacks that left the Oakville defense scrambling. By halftime, the score was close, with Beach holding a slight edge.

In the second half, Beach TRU 1s began to exploit their speed more effectively. The youthful exuberance and quick decision-making of their players paid off as they stretched the Oakville defense. Several well-executed tries resulted from swift ball movement and support play. Beach’s ability to keep the ball alive and avoid being sucked into the slow, grinding play of Oakville was crucial.

Oakville Crusaders 3s did not back down, though. Their forwards continued to dominate the scrums and mauls, and they managed to score through sheer physicality. However, the difference in the game was Beach’s ability to counterattack. Each time Oakville scored, Beach responded with lightning-fast plays that resulted in points.

In the final stages of the game, Beach TRU 1s managed to pull ahead, securing their victory with a couple of well-taken tries. The final whistle blew, sealing a 40-31 win for Beach.

Upcoming Games

This week sees 4 Big games at Tubbs and Gee. Hope to see you at the field to cheer on our Blue and Gold Athletes

ORU I vs Oshawa – 3:30pm

ORU II vs Oshawa – 2:pm

TRU I vs Baystreet – 12:30pm

TRU II vs Baystreet – 11am

Women have a bye

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for June 3rd

Game Recaps from the Weekend

5 beach games and 5 wins!!
ORU I 63 – Pagans 17
ORU II 34 – Pagans 20
TRU Women 32 – Brock/Lindsay 14
TRU I – Mens 63 – Dragons 3
TRU II Mens 60 – Dragons 19

Sorry no recaps this week but really with all of these lopsided scores all you need to know is that the Beach dominated all weekend long.

Upcoming Games

June 8, 2024
ORU I @ Ajax – 3:30pm
ORU II @ Ajax – 2:00pm

TRU Women – BYE Week

TRU I @ Oakville – 12:30pm
TRU II @ North Halton – 2pm CANCELLED


A big congratulations to our very own Beach Alumnus John Straumann for publishing his first novel: Long Time Coming: A Jack Thornton Military Thriller

Long Time Coming is a thrilling novel that explores a scenario where the United States, Canada, and Mexico collaborate to create a massive factory farm in Mexico, aiming to overtake China as the world’s leading manufacturing hub. In response to a new U.S. law banning Chinese products, Admiral Cheng of the Chinese Navy hatches a sinister plan to maintain its superpower status, launching sneak attacks on U.S. Navy assets, and setting off a chain of events that threatens the fragile balance of global infrastructure and the changing face of warfare. Former Navy SEAL Jack Thornton, now a CIA intelligence operative and the senior advisor to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, suspects China is up to something, but can he convince the U.S. Government to act in time?! Long Time Coming combines elements of technology and intrigue, offering a reflection on the precarious power dynamics in an interconnected world.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon, here: Long Time Coming

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for May 27th

Game Recaps from the Weekend

TRU II: Beach vs Bucc’s II 24-12
A close game to open up the TRU II campaign after last week’s default by Mississauga. Bucc’s and Beach both came out swinging in this hard hitting affair. A quick try by Beach put us up 7-0. Beach soon scored again, but the Bucc’s came back to put the score at 12-7 at half time. The second half saw the return to rugby of former First Fifteen 8-man Damien Leonard after a multi year hiatus. Adding a little umph! To the TRU II pack gave us the edge we needed to pump in two more tries. Final Score 24-12.

TRU I: Beach vs Bucc’s I 66-26
Not much to report here as a quick try from Kyle McCallum at 12 put Beach up 7-0 2min into the game. After that was a day at the races as the backs scored at will. Strong scrum performances saw us with plenty of possession tries reined down. Final Score 66-26.

ORU II: Beach vs Vaughan II 20-0
Easy win for the boys as this game never happened. Vaugh defaulted the game early in the week. Default wins are still bonus point wins though.

ORU I: Beach vs Vaughan I 61-28
Similar to the TRU I game, this one seemed like a day at the racetrack. Cross Kicks, line breaks, and dominant scrums saw a flurry of tries and champagne rugby. Through the first 65 minutes of this game Beach looked like an unstoppable juggernaut that could not be stopped going into the final phase of the game up 61-7. For the last 15min or so mental lapses popped up and led to two concurrent yellow cards dropping Beach down to 13 men. Vaughn, smelling a little blood in the water, surged in the dying minutes to put in a pair of tries. Final score Beach 61-28. This was a great game as it displayed the powerhouse offense that we are capable, but also gave us a couple of good work-on’s going into this week.

TRU Women: Beach vs Belleville 17-29
The ladies made their way to Belleville this past weekend but didn’t bring their typical BBC magid. Belleville struck early and brought constant pressure all game long making it difficult for the ladies to get their offensive set piece going. A dominant Belleville scrum was very disruptive at key times of the game which was just enough to mess with the timing of set pieces causing knock-ons and forward passes.

Upcoming Games

ORU I vs Peterborough Pagans @ Nicholls Oval 3:30
ORU II vs Peterborough Pagans @ Nicholls Oval 2:00
TRU I vs Toronto Dragons @ Eglinton Flats 3:30
TRU II vs Toronto Dragons @ Eglinton Flats 2:00
TRU Women vs Brock/Lindsay @ Tubs and Gee 12:30

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Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for May 11th

Game Recaps from the Weekend

ORU I: Beach vs Aurora Barbs I 31-25

ORU II: Beach vs Aurora Barbs II 34-5

TRU I: Beach vs Mississauga Blues I 24-22

TRU II: Beach vs Mississauga Blues II  20-0 (Mississauga Default)

TRU Women: No game

Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report for May 11th2024-05-30T14:10:20-04:00

Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report

Upcoming Games

Picture it…The Tubs and Gee Field…Saturday May 11th

Saturday, 11:00 AM – TRU2 Match: Beach vs. Mississauga 2 The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the excitement is palpable as the Beach takes on Mississauga Blues 2s in the first match of the day. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as the teams take the field, ready to showcase their skills and determination. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy game from start to finish, with both teams giving it their all to secure the win. The atmosphere is electric as the Beach emerges victorious, kicking off the weekend with a thrilling victory!

Saturday, 12:30 PM – TRU1 Match: Beach vs. Mississauga 1 The excitement continues to build as the Beach faces off against Mississauga Blues 1s in the second match of the day. The intensity on the field is matched only by the passion in the stands, as fans cheer on their favorite players with unwavering support. It’s a hard-fought battle between two skilled teams, with neither side willing to back down. In the end, the Beach prevails once again, sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers and applause!

Saturday, 2:00 PM – ORU2 Match: Beach vs. Aurora 2 As the afternoon sun reaches its peak, the Beach prepares to take on Aurora 2s in what promises to be another thrilling showdown. The players are focused and determined, eager to start the season with a win and make their mark on the season. The match is a fierce display of skill and strategy, with both teams pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory. In the end, it’s the Beach who emerges triumphant, celebrating their third consecutive win of the day in front of a roaring crowd!

Saturday, 3:30 PM – ORU1 Match: Beach vs. Aurora 1 The grand finale of the day sees Beach 1s go head-to-head with Aurora 1s in a clash of titans that promises to be nothing short of epic. The tension is palpable as the teams take the field, knowing that only one will emerge victorious. The match is a nail-biting affair, with both sides trading blows in a relentless battle for supremacy. But in the end, it’s the Beach who prevails once again, capping off an unforgettable home opener weekend with a stunning display of skill and determination!



A note regarding the alumni dinner

After careful consideration and discussion, the alumni executive has decided to hold only one alumni dinner this year. We understand that this may come as a departure from previous years, but please rest assured that this decision was made with the best interests of the alumni community and the club in mind.

We are currently working closely with the club to secure a date for the dinner that will accommodate as many alumni as possible. We understand the importance of this event in fostering connections, celebrating achievements, and strengthening the bonds within our community.

More information regarding the date, venue, and other details of the alumni dinner will be communicated to you as soon as they are finalized. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to ensure that this year’s dinner is a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your input and feedback are invaluable as we continue to plan and organize this event.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the alumni community and the club. We look forward to coming together to celebrate our shared history and accomplishments at the upcoming alumni dinner.

A heartfelt and resounding thank you resonates from the depths of 240 Gordy and his esteemed team, as we reflect upon yet another extraordinary week of Rugby squash. In the embrace of camaraderie and spirited competition, adorned by the presence of seasoned rugby aficionados, enthusiastic squash players, courageous newcomers, and even the lively banter of our cherished hecklers, we found ourselves enveloped in an atmosphere of pure sportsmanship and joyous celebration. Through the collective efforts and unwavering support of each participant, Rugby squash triumphed, yielding a remarkable sum of $6000 dedicated to fortifying our beloved rugby section. Such a magnificent achievement is a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment of our community. Congratulations to all involved! Your dedication and passion have truly made this endeavor a resounding success, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude.

Easter Parade 2024 – Mark your calendars and brace yourselves for an exhilarating event like no other! This Sunday, March 31, promises to be an electrifying extravaganza as the Annual Beaches Easter Parade bursts onto the scene at 2 pm sharp! Picture this: the streets adorned with vibrant colors, pulsating with energy, as the parade kicks off from Queen Street East and Munro Park Avenue, igniting a wave of excitement that will sweep through every corner of the city. But wait, there’s more! Prepare to witness a spectacle unlike any other as our very own Rugby section proudly joins the procession, draped in the iconic blue and gold, ready to showcase our spirit and passion for rugby to the entire community. So rally your friends, don your finest attire, and get ready to line the streets, because this year’s parade promises thrills, cheers, and unforgettable moments at every turn. Don’t miss out – see you there!

Brian Williams – It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you about the passing of Brian Williams. A Nomad and Beach player who represented Canada on several occasions. His love lives on through his many family and friends who we think about during this most difficult time. https://memorials.ashburnhamfuneral.ca/brian-williams/5367493/

Congratulations Lisa De Sario, for winning the position of Sports Director with the BBC board of directors. Hugh Sutcliffe (Finance Director) and Jennifer Sharp (Community, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director) remain on the Board

Save the Date – The club will be celebrating their 70th in 2025 and we want you to come hang out with us and join in the festivities on June 5,6,7 (Saturday) and 8, 2025.

The rugby section is still hard at work as they transition to the pre-season with indoor training soon. Here are some other notes:

2024 Coaching
The rugby section has been busy looking for new head coaches for both the men’s and women’s sections. Stay tuned for an update on this.

2024 ORU Men’s Schedule
The club master schedule is at the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18mkCBRLUbHcDklw3lFpU-JXMDaXPpZDI?usp=drive_link

Currently only the ORU Men’s Schedule has been released, but when the men’s and women’s TRU schedules are released I will update this document to include them.

For the men’s ORU I’s the seeding for McCormick Cup is now based on the overall league standings NOT August playoffs. The more successful we are in our season games, the higher seeding we will get come September.

2025 League Reformatting
After this year, on the men’s side, the entire league is being restructured into a “Top 6 Premiership”, two conferences of 5 “ORU B Championship”, and then branch unions (TRU, NRU ect…)

No one wants to be in a relegation battle in August, so that means our first on the field goal this year is to win our East Division and get us an automatic pass into the premiership next year.

Before anyone asks; yes, it is possible for us to finish second in our division, lose the relegation battle, win the McCormick Cup, and then still get relegated based on league standings.

Here are thee award winners from last week’s Rugby Banquet – Congratulations to all the winners

ORU 1s Most Valuable Forward – Owen McLean Lavado
ORU 1s Most Valuable Back – Jason Park
ORU 2s Most Valuable Forward – Matthew Mufandaedza
ORU 2s Most Valuable Back – Simon McLean Lavado
TRU 1s Most Valuable Forward – Elamu Karego Maswi
TRU 1s Most Valuable Back – Simon Onyango
TRU 2s Most Valuable Forward – Adrian Godwin
TRU 2s Most Valuable Back – Cian Donohoe
Men’s Most Improved Player – Waleed Popal
Men’s Most Dedicated Player – Hugh Barry
Men’s Most Dedicated Player – Ben Jones
Men’s Rookie of the Year – Evan Dermott
Women’s Most Valuable Forward – Kristin Bonomo
Women’s Most Valuable Back – Autumn Gervais
Women’s Most Improved Player – Cassia Cidro
Women’s Most Dedicated Player – Maddy Harris
Women’s Rookie of the Year – Bethany Spiers
Volunteer of the Year – Maddy Harris
Harvey Jaanuson Award – Mark Lawless
Ed Caterer Award – Krisitin Bonomo
Asshole of the Year – ORU 1’s

Holiday Silent Auction & Market On December 2nd, the Balmy Beach RFC will hold its annual Holiday Silent Auction & Market. This event is one of the most important for the rugby section. You can find more information on how to contribute in several ways on the Home Page. Please see the attachment and make it a point to make it to the club. Holiday Auction Donation Letter >>>


Rugby Annual General Meeting & Board Elections On the night of November 13th, the Balmy Beach RFC held its AGM. Some great discussion about some important issues took place, and the Board for the 2024 Season was elected. Please welcome…

President – Iain McLeish
Fundraising and Sponsorship – Brock
Clancy Secretary – Kristin Bonomo
Communications Director – Ben Jones
Social Director – Mark Lawless
Player Safety – Andrew Crawford
Treasurer – Malency Wainwright


Celebration of Life for David Baldwin – David played rugby for the Balmy Beach in the 1960’s. Ken McAulay, a teammate, remember’s David as a tough competitor who laughed easily, and enjoyed a joke and a beer. David passed away peacefully at the age of 84 at his home in Victoria Harbour on Thursday January 20, 2022. There will be a celebration of Life held for David at the Balmy Beach Club November 19th from 1:00-5:00PM.

Myles Martin Weekly Alumni Report2024-06-07T17:15:32-04:00

Myles Martin – Rugby Alumni Chairman

Hi all!

Just wanted to drop a quick line and introduce myself. For those who don’t know me, my name is Myles Martin a recently retired player from the blue and gold. As Gerry mentioned, I will be your Balmy Beach Alumni Chairman. I recognize I have some very large shoes to fill and I know I can’t do it alone. There are some very special people who make up this group and they should be recognized as well.
Kyle Nichols, Gord Young, , Andrew Steele, Adam Marshall, Paul Mathieson, Rick Chambers, Glenn Miller & Lisa De Sario

I think that all of us combined can probably do half the job Gerry has done for the last 15 years but we’re going to do our best. Thank you Gerry for all of your hard work and dedication.

Our goal is simple. We want to continue to support rugby at the Balmy Beach Rugby Football Club and help grow the best game on the planet.

Hope to see you all at the fall dinner on October 17.

Thank you for your continued support

Up the Beach!!

Myles Martin – Rugby Alumni Chairman2019-09-06T11:30:00-04:00
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