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We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these challenging times. Covid-19 has brought about a lot of change to our community and in our daily lives. The effects of these circumstances are being felt by many.

In an effort to support our community the Balmy Beach Rugby Club has already stepped up with our Blood Drive Campaign. With all this extra time and energy on our hands it has us asking ourselves what we can do to help.

These circumstances have proven to be difficult particularly for businesses. Many of these businesses have supported us in the past and we are looking to help them out in this time of need.

We recognize the large role that sponsors play in our success on and off the field. Because of support from sponsors, the Balmy Beach Rugby Club has won more Ontario Championships than any other club in the 70-year history of Rugby Ontario. The Balmy Beach Club now has an exciting opportunity to give back to those who have supported us.

We have compiled a list of businessesLink to the Businesses List >>> that are currently available to contact that could use our help. Although their storefronts may not be currently open, we can order food delivery, gift cards, access virtual fitness training, and have products shipped to our homes.

It’s great to see everyone coming together as a community to make the best out of a difficult situation.

Please feel free to reach out to should you have any questions or are looking for more information.

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Blood Donations

View the Blood Donot Photos Below…

Hey everyone, obviously the world is in a bit of a crazy state at the moment. With our rugby seasons on pause, we figured we could take this time to do something as a club to make a meaningful impact in our community and add some competition into the mix as well.

So here’s the deal: In a time of crisis and uncertainty we need our Rugby Clubs and Sports Sections to get out there and donate blood!

Make an appointment to donate blood. When you donate, please wear something balmy related or something blue and gold (t-shirt, shorts, socks, whatever). While or after donating take a picture and post it, tag @balmybeachrugby and use the hashtag #uptheblood. Then send it to Lisa at We will tally up the photos at the end of the day on April 30th to get the grand total.

We have challenged Burlington Rugby Club to do the same. They have accepted and they must get as many donations as they can by April 30th 2020. The Club with the most club member donations wins. The losing team must wear the winning teams sweaty jerseys with pride throughout the entire post game beer-up.

The Balmy Beach Rugby Section is also challenging sport sections of the club to do the same. If we win that section must come to our home opener and if they win we must show up to a game, tournament, or event of their choice.

You are more than welcome to come up with your own hashtag to work with your club or section but please also tag @balmybeachrugbyclub and use the hashtag #uptheblood so we can keep track of all the donations and hopefully inspire our communities to do the same.

If for some reason you do not meet the requirements to donate blood we encourage you to get someone else to donate on your behalf as long as they are wearing your club colours.

Other things to keep in mind:
1. Since we have a worldwide health issue, blood donations are not taking drop in appointments. Therefore you must go online and make an appointment.

2. You cannot donate blood if you are currently quarantined or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Once your quarantine is complete and you’re healthy, game on.

3. Lastly, there are certain rules/parameters on blood donations dependant on travel, medications, health, etc. Please use the link below to be sure you’re eligible to donate blood before making an appointment.

If there is any confusion on if you are eligible to donate please call 1-888-236-6283

We are such a strong club and hopefully this will make a difference and encourage others to do the same. We have all donated blood on the field, ice, court and field but now it’s time for us to donate blood to the people who need it most.

Lisa De Sario – email:

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Myles Martin – Rugby Alumni Chairman

Hi all!

Just wanted to drop a quick line and introduce myself. For those who don’t know me, my name is Myles Martin a recently retired player from the blue and gold. As Gerry mentioned, I will be your Balmy Beach Alumni Chairman. I recognize I have some very large shoes to fill and I know I can’t do it alone. There are some very special people who make up this group and they should be recognized as well.
Kyle Nichols, Gord Young, , Andrew Steele, Adam Marshall, Paul Mathieson, Rick Chambers, Glenn Miller & Lisa De Sario

I think that all of us combined can probably do half the job Gerry has done for the last 15 years but we’re going to do our best. Thank you Gerry for all of your hard work and dedication.

Our goal is simple. We want to continue to support rugby at the Balmy Beach Rugby Football Club and help grow the best game on the planet.

Hope to see you all at the fall dinner on October 17.

Thank you for your continued support

Up the Beach!!

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Message from Kerry Singh aka Huggy

Request from Huggy! I’m writing to ask for your help by reaching out to your connections on my behalf to inquire about potential paid co-op job opportunities. Currently, I’m searching for a co-op job as a Business Analyst, or similar role with a September 2019 start date. My preference would be an employer within the technology sector or within the technology functional area of a company. I realize that you do not have technology backgrounds but you might have a friend, family member or other connection who does.

I’ve been following your weekly e-mails but haven’t managed to attend a Beach home game yet because I have a Saturday morning class at George Brown College that carries over into the early afternoon.

I’m writing to reach out to the Balmy Beach RFC Alumni for their help. Currently, I’m completing a post-graduate certificate in Information Systems Business Analysis and am required to complete a paid co-op internship.

My goal is to secure a co-op job that is directly or indirectly related to business analysis. The roles in the job postings by my co-op coordinator have been fairly diverse. Mostly, they require using analytical and problem solving, decision making, time management, verbal and written communication, teamwork skills, etc.

I’m searching for a co-op internship to commence this September. To date, I’ve applied to just over 20 positions and have not received a response from an employer for an interview. I’m hoping that there’s someone from the alumni who may know someone who knows someone, etc. that has a suitable employment opportunity within their company. There is a provincial tax credit available to businesses up to a maximum of $3,000.

If there is someone who may be able to help, they can contact me at or connect with me on LinkedIn:

Thank you! Cheers,
Huggy – Up the Beach!!!

Message from Kerry Singh aka Huggy

I’m currently completing a post-graduate certificate at George Brown College. My project group has created a short 5-7 minute survey and I need some help distributing it in order get responses. Ideally, we want to get 100+ responses by midnight on Wednesday. To date we have approximate 46.

Please send the link below to the Beach Alumni. I know that this is not directly related to rugby, but as a Beach alumnus it will help me to successfully complete my post-graduate certificate.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Huggy – “Up the Beach!”

Message from Kerry Singh aka Huggy2019-08-02T12:49:36-04:00

Annual Rugby Squash Tournament on March 20th-21st and 23rd

Beach Rugby – Should you be in need of some nefarious activity, please read on!

Ladies & Germs,
You are formally invited to participate in the annual Rugby Squash Tournament on March 20th, 21st & 23rd of 2018 at the Balmy Beach Club. Don’t be mislead by the Rugby portion as there really isn’t any rugby involved, for the most part and helmets are available upon request.

You pay $60 for the whole week and for that you receive:
Commemorative high-quality T-Shirt
Entry Fee for the Tournament
A chance to receive valuable prizes
Fun & Frivolity
Free abuse from the gallery
Unsolicited coaching from unqualified muppets
An opportunity to mingle with Rugby Legends (just ask)
Game guaranteed Wednesday/Thursday

So, I know had you at BEER, the rest is really just frills which may or may not be true.

The skinny is that this is a fundraiser for rugby, net proceeds go directly to their bottom line and it really helps them out. Games will be rally point to 25, no need to win by 2 and this is a team concept. Winning is nice, but getting points in a losing effort is equally important. It’s team aggregate after 2 days and four teams advance to the finals on Saturday. Clear as mud, sign up it’s fun……like the fat guy in the Goodlife commercial, “just start”………….

There are 8 teams of 8 players or varying skill levels (pristine and sub-par) and you will be playing other players in your skill (or lack thereof) peer group and should expect a competitive match. Games will run from 4pm to about 9:30pm Wednesday and Thursday and if you are lucky enough, 1pm to 4pm on Saturday for the championships of the World (Between Fallingbrook and Woodbine, north to Danforth)!

There is a lot of flexibility in timing, however, both preliminary matches must be played by 10pm Thursday night. The schedule will be posted March 17th, 2019 to allow time to maneuver!

Please confirm with Gord Young at or 416-258-1976 only. Please do NOT inundate the various messengers with confirmation. This fills up fast, so if you are thinking about it, confirm today with me! Interac transfer to the same e-mail is best mode of payment!

Thank you for your support!
Gordon Young (240 Gordy)
Squash (Ball) PRO (vider)

Cheers, Gord Young B.A.,R.I.B.(Ont.), C.A.I.B.

Annual Rugby Squash Tournament on March 20th-21st and 23rd2019-02-05T11:04:21-05:00

Scott Hendry – Hamilton Hornets

Fellow Alum,

I am writing a post I never thought I would have to.

I brought the Hamilton Hornets down on the weekend for round 2 of the Gee Gage Cup.

A spirited match against the 2nds, with no on-field issues. A good clean game by both sides.

We had a full side of 23 and about 10 old boys down supporting plus a couple of folks in from overseas.

I was excited to have them back to the club to show it off and enjoy a little Balmy Beach Rugby hospitality. Most made it down.

I was shocked and saddened by the total lack of rugby etiquette displayed by the 2nds. No beer with your opposite #. No banter with the opposition. No chucking shit at the referee. NOTHING.
One player, Rick Honeyford, who made it back from Fletcher’s brought over a pitcher for us we toasted the game.

Where has the ethos gone? I am posting here, because it is incumbent upon us as, senior statesmen of the club and the game, to ensure the positive traditions live on.

Yours in Rugby

Scott Hendry

Scott Hendry – Hamilton Hornets2018-09-20T10:30:00-04:00
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