April2013-BBRFC-U16 tourBermuda-lg

April2013-BBRFC-U16 tourBermuda-2-lg

Coach’s Underwood and Myers assembled a great crew of 28 boys who represented the club well both on and off the pitch. We played two 15 ‘s tests against a keen group of local’s . BBC won both matches 25-14 and 27-17 respectively. We held a mini 7’s tournament on the Saturday and mixed the BBC and Bermuda teams for a bit of fun and comradeship.

In addition to the rugby playing and practice time the boys had a full schedule of educational extracurricular activities, Island tour including a church or two all coordinated by Chef de mission – Spanton. Spaz was point man in communication with the Bermuda tourist board ensuring our “shoe string budget” was maximized .

Geoff Reynolds was much valued for his translation services as the Bermuda team was coached by a young man from Ulster. However, Diesel claims he couldn’t understand either one of them.

Great time all around!