A note from the rugby section. How do you enter you ask?

Just go to www.bbcrugbysurvivor.com and hit any of the ENTER NOW buttons

There are TWO key steps; you’ll fill out a form giving us your sweet, sweet, contact details and telling us your preferred kids of beer. Then you have to e-transfer your payment to bbcrugbysurvivor@gmail.com (note this is nor the standard BBC email. It allows us to track the payments more easily)

If you would prefer to pay with cash or by cheque, please send us an email and we’ll coordinate.

How does BBC Rugby Beer Survivor work?

There are plenty of details on www.bbcrugbysurvivor.com but in essence you buy a ticket (which funds your prize and raises money for the women’s and men’s rugby section) AND fill out a form with your contact info and beer (or seltzer) preferences. There are 4 draws starting May 2. In each draw, entrants are voted off wine island until only 4 remain and they are named our winners on Wednesday May 22. If you are not drawn don’t fret – you can always buy back in. Check out the details on the site.

Get your entry in by Thursday May 2nd, at noon to be a part of the first draw.