Sunday Sept 13 11am-4pm @ Balmy Beach Club

Balmy Beach Rugby Alumni, in conjunction with the Calgary Canucks, are holding a fundraiser for Matt King on Sun. Sept 13 at the Club(11am-4pm) Matt came to the Beach from UCC and he enjoyed a very successful career with Beach and Ont Rugby. He starred at U of W and Captained Cambridge. Matt played many matches for Canada, including the 2003 World Cup. Matt was the initial coach of our Beach Academy Squad.

Matt is presently unable to work and is in constant pain from a disease known as EDS( Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) This affliction is not curable and the treatments incur costs well above Provincial guidelines!Hence Matt’s need for assistance and why we are reaching out to the rugby community.

At the Club on Sun there will be a few silent auction items and you will be able to donate cash or cheques to Matt’s cause. Your Alumni has donated $500 and the goal is at least $2500.00 Matt will be at this event as he is in town for a few days. Drop by and lend some support. UP THE BEACH!