BBC Jr. Rugby is proud to be a TIRF Partner Club. Our association with this foundation allows us to offer subsidized registration to some communities. If you are U18/U16 player, prior to registering with BBC you should first see if your high-school qualifies you to be part of the TIRF program. A synopsis of the TIRF program and a link to a list of partner schools is below:

The Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation (TIRF) brings together schools, clubs and the rugby community to support student athletes from lower income and immigrant-rich neighborhoods to improve their athletic skills and to adopt the rugby ethos of hard work, discipline, and mutual respect. TIRF focuses the game in communities and through the commitment of clubs and high schools, trains young players to achieve success in and through rugby. TIRF works with Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada to lower costs to players and assists with overcoming financial barriers.

To learn more or register as a TIRF player go to:
Learn More or Register as a TIRF player – Click Here

Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation (TIRF) – Partner Schools