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Ontario U18 Canadian Silver Medalists

The boys played hard and finished with Silver Medals. They beat Atlantic, Quebec & Wolfpack and lost to BC in a close 10-8 game.

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2016 Volleyball

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A Beach Perspective on Two Classic Athletes

Far be it for me to try and recap the storied careers of two sporting icons, as there are countless others who can do it so much better. Nevertheless, if you were born in a certain era you got to see two immortals that we have lost in the past week. I was one of the fortunate ones to see both Ali and Gordie in their primes.

One was brash, outspoken, both reviled and loved by many, because of his ways. He often referred to himself as “the greatest.” Arguably he was the best boxer of all-time. I first saw Ali live when he trained in Boston in 1965, for his fight with Sonny Liston, in Lewiston, Maine.The other was humble and quiet as a person, but a mean, talented SOB, on the ice. He has been called “the greatest,” by both Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr, two others who are usually part of the small group that is named when talking about the best hockey player of all time. My 1st view of Gordie was in 1954, when we got our first television set and he would play on Saturday night, Hockey Night in Canada, against the Leafs.

Whatever your feelings about Muhammad Ali, you had to respect the way he stood by his values and beliefs. He never flinched when threatened with prison and ended up forfeiting some of his prime years as an athlete, because of his strength of character in taking stances that he believed in. Unlike many Muslims of today, Ali mostly preached a lifestyle of peace and understanding.
Gordie Howe was more of a laid back personality and numerous people, over the years, have criticized him for not being a stronger advocate for the NHL Players Union(NHLPA today) when, players first tried to organize it in the ’50’s. Though not a leader by personality, his talents helped lead Detroit to 4 Stanley Cup championships and 11 appearances in the Final. He played in a time where defense was first, and while it’s never fair to try and compare different eras, I believe many of his records would still be unbroken if he had played when the game was more wide open as far as scoring.

Ironically, my wife Bev’ and I decided earlier in the week, to start emptying a storage locker we have had here in Vancouver, for the past 12 years. One of the first items we came across was a personalized autograph to Bev’ from Muhammad Ali, that he gave her when he was in Vancouver in 1972 to fight George Chuvalo. Bev’ was working at the Hotel Vancouver , where Ali was staying, and she has been a boxing fan since she was a little girl. Her recollection of Ali was of being a kind, funny person, with a sense of humility, that a lot of the public never got to see. We had the autograph framed and it hung in our houses for a number of years.

Some of the next items we came across were old hockey books that I had saved over the years. The player on most of the covers of these books was Gordie Howe, my favorite of all time. Even today, I have a 16×22 framed colored picture of Gordie hanging in the bedroom. Talk about a major coincidence, considering the passing of both of these men a week apart!

When I was coaching the St. Michael’s Buzzers, Jr. B team in Toronto in 1983-84, Gordie showed up at one of our practices one day. At the end of the practice he asked me if he might come by the dressing room to offer a couple of tips on things to the players, that he had observed in a shooting drill, we had near the end of the practice.

His own humility would not allow him to enter into our dressing room because he said it was ‘our space’, so he stood in the doorway to impart his wisdom to our guys. I happened to be standing beside a player by the name of Kelly Cain, who was 15 at the time, and would go on to be a leading scorer in the OHL with Windsor, after he left St. Michael’s. Kelly didn’t know who Gordie was and when I told him it was Gordie Howe, he said, “oh yeah, the guy with the elbows.” I found it both humorous and sad that Kelly made that comment, because first of all, while it did show his youth, of more significance to me, was the fact that he had no clue about how many scoring records Howe held at that time, but only that he was ‘the guy with the elbows.”

I know that many of you who will receive this message, will have better first-hand stories than I do, about one or both of these men. Nevertheless, I also know, that we all will share the same admiration and respect for what each of them accomplished in their life times, both in the sporting arenas and in life away from those venues.

RIP, Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe.

A Beach Perspective on Two Classic Athletes2016-11-18T08:59:15-05:00

TIRF Inner City Rugby Registration


Player Registration – 2016 Registration Now Open!

2016 TIRF & Club Registration is now open and Available ONLINE*.

Registration provides you access to all TIRF programming including:

Discounted Club Rugby
Specialty Clinics
TIRF Select Program
Rep Rugby Scholarships
Free Tickets to International Test Matches
Winter Academy Training
Coaching & Referee Certification
Access to Internships & Volunteer Opportunities
TIRF Events (Raptors, Banquets, BBQ, etc.)
Academic & Leadership Supports
Rugby Tournaments & Playing Opportunities

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Andrew Steele

Our sympathies are extended to Steeler and his family upon the passing of his father. Visitation is at McDougall & Brown on Kingston Rd from 6-9 on Thursday.

Sorry I do not have any other information.

Andrew Steele2016-05-18T20:19:16-04:00

BBC Rugby Blazer

Many Sr players are decked out already!BBC-Blazer-Malcolm-400x400

The URL for the blazers is:

The blazers are $165 each and the the deadline for orders is Dec 30 at 11:59pm. I will have sizing samples at the club Tues Dec 15 and Mon Dec 28 (7-830pm) for anyone that wants to try them on beforehand.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pass any other questions onto myself. Thanks for your help with this!


Brendan Singbeil
Sales & Marketing
Navigate Apparel
BC: 778.374.3291
Ont: 647.478.6205

BBC Rugby Blazer2016-11-18T08:59:15-05:00

Huggy Writes

huggy-2016I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Alumni for their generous support of my recent campaign to help fund the costs of a winter tire package and general maintenance expenses of my wheelchair van. I am happy to say that the majority of the contributions came from rugby guys, particularly Balmy Beach RFC Alumni! Up the Beach!

Last winter was my first winter driving the new van. I learned from that experience that I would definitely need winter tires to be able to operate the van safely in our winter driving conditions with snow and ice covered roads. My van has a 12-inch lowered floor so I need tires that provide good traction in the snow and good handling.

To date, my campaign has raised $3,070 ($3,345 – less website and transaction fees). Anyone who still wishes to contribute may do so until December 31, 2015. Any amount is welcome!

Please Help Huggy Pay for Wheelchair Van Expenses

Thank you!



Huggy Writes2016-11-18T08:59:15-05:00

Scott Dunham – Harvey Jaanuson Award

scott-dunhamIt is with great humility that I accepted the Harvey Jaanuson award on Friday night. I am blown away by this honour, and I can only hope to extol the virtues and attributes of the man for which the award was named. I have heard stories of Harvey, and I think that the way he approached the game is what rugby is all about – hard as nails on the field and a gentleman off of it. It is truly in the spirit of Balmy Beach rugby that we continue this tradition. As always I take pride in wearing the blue and gold, and hope to for years to come.


Scott Dunham – Harvey Jaanuson Award2016-11-18T08:59:15-05:00