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Rugby Squash

It is that time once again to announce that the 2017 Rugby Squash tournament is back in full swing March 15th, 16th and 18th with games running from 4pm to 10pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 1pm to 4pm on Saturday. Luckily there is St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, so most of your body, save the liver, can take a little break.

This is a team format and all skill levels are welcome! There are 8 teams of 8 players ranked 1 through 8 and you will be matched up as best as possible with players of similar skill. We have occasion to make mistakes, but we fix them pretty quickly as sandbagging is frowned upon. It is based on total points per team, so losses are OK, but subject to ridicule from your teammates (not really). At the end of the first two days, 4 teams get eliminated and the last 4 standing play off on Saturday for the championship of the (balmy beach) world.

This is a fundraising tournament in support of Balmy Beach Rugby and all proceeds go directly to offset the massive cost to run that section. The cost is $60 per player and we will also be asking for $10 to go into a 50/50 draw which will be done on Saturday in support of the Canada 150 event being held in July at the club. That $60 will get you entry into the tournament, minimum 2 games, a few beer tickets, a plate of food, a souvenir t-shirt and several hours of debauchery that has a 50/50 chance of ending your marriage. The other $10 you can kiss goodbye but know it’s going to support another great event.

The tournament fills up fast and thus I would respectfully ask that you commit via e-mail as soon as possible to ensure your spot. Please respond to at your earliest convenience.

For those who have never played, you should know that each year 20% of the field are first timers. This tournament has been going on for 30 years and the theme has never changed. This is meant to be fun, drink as much as you can handle, meet some new people, heckle loudly and maybe win a squash game.

Format will be rally point to 25, no need to win by 2, lets are allowed if you actually know what a let is and we do have ice packs, towels and band aids for the bleeders. To be clear, there is no actual rugby played in rugby squash, except for the odd occasion when you actually play someone who is more rugby than squash, if that makes sense. Helmets are recommended along with goggles, gum shields, jock (Jill) straps and Kevlar vests.

Keep in mind there is a lot of flexibility with regards to game times, matches can be scheduled earlier in the day or the week for that matter, however, all preliminary games must be played by 11pm on Thursday. The matches will be posted on Sunday prior to the tournament to allow ample time to determine your opponent and game time and make any alternative arrangements necessary.

Look forward to seeing you all there! Cheers, 240 Sub Assistant to the Tournament Director