“Looking after our own” – Sunday 11th September, 3pm @ The Granite Brewery

As many of you know, Hal has had a hard time since he suffered a stroke some years ago.

His only income comes from government pensions, augmented by the past generosity of the rugby community, mostly the Scottish, and by his own savings.) Sadly the fund established by the Scottish and his own savings are now both very low, and more money is required to maintain his hardly extravagant lifestyle.

His pension income is about $1700 a month and his expenses about $1000 more than that. The bulk of these expenses is to pay for a semi-private room in the government home he lives in. The rest covers his phone and cable, dentistry and footcare, a few newspapers and magazines and the odd beer.

Hal was active in the rugby community for many years, as player, coach, supporter and friend. He is lucky, in a way, that this community has looked after its own when illness has struck, and we are asking his many friends and supporters if they would contribute to a fund for helping to maintain his current lifestyle. If we fail to raise over $10,000, he very soon will have to move into a shared room and cut back on those few pleasures he currently enjoys.

We have organized a fundraiser to be held at the Granite Brewery, on the east side of Mt Pleasant just south of Eglinton, on Sunday 11th September, at 3pm. Hal will be there and we hope many of you will be able to come to see him and make a donation to the fund.

If you cannot make it, but would still like to contribute, please mail a cheque payable to Toronto Scottish Alumni – Friends of Hal Fund to: Toronto Scottish Alumni, c/o 28 William Carson Crescent – Unit 602, North York, M2P 2H1

OR send an Interac payment to the treasurer jasonclewis@outlook.com Please identify such a payment as a Friends of Hal contribution.

Underground parking is available via the entrance just north of Shoppers Drug Mart, and south of the Granite.You will need to keep the ticket dispensed by the machine to get a token to get out.