Sports Fans – Sat Oct 25th Cup Day!

Sat Oct 25–Cup Day! Breakfast at the Club! More info to come but food available Sat AM, likely peameal on a bun etc. More details to follow ( take ‘em on the bus with you!)

Great to see the camaraderie between Alum and present players at the Club last night after dinner. Certainly sets a quality tone for sat. Lets hope the weather holds! Sat am, bacon on a bun available at the Club and space still available on the buses. $20 includes admission. ( Parking will be a nightmare at Fletcher’s) Up The Beach!

Bus #1 (with washrooms) leaves from the Club about 11:15/11:30am
Bus #2 will leave about 11:45
Return about 4:30 —5:00
BYOB – Cost $20 per person, this includes the ride and entrance to Fletcher’s Fields( a $10 expense)

It is IMPERATIVE that U let me know if U are travelling on the bus, to avoid overbooking! EITHER email me or Tanya, at the Club. If u are coming to Dinner on thurs we will have a sign up sheet there for you. Kids are permitted on the buses but same fee as they will be charged at the gate at Fletcher’s.( The Player’s bus is a separate entity!)

Weather Report! – So far, lookin’ good—15-16 degrees and sunny! let’s hope it holds and wear your Blue and Gold and UP THE BEACH!!!!

Gerry Allen Weekly Rugby Report
An Excellent Day!!!

Beach 2’s complete perfect round robin with 37-10 “w” over the barbs in the Gee Gage Cup. The game was well played as we rolled several players into the action in preparation for Sat! Even “Noodles” had a blinder as he stepped up to play for the shorthanded Barbs and scored BOTH their tries!

Beach 1’s An outstanding team effort as both forwards and backs honed various parts of their games in the 60-14 victory.The fantastic play was exemplified by the MacSween family, one back and one a forward. Mark scored the hat-trick in the first half and Ryan duplicated the feat in the second half! Brantford played tough right to the final whistle, which pushed us to not let up. Great to see so many fans jammed onto the sidelines(Jamie Reynolds among the crowd) as many players commented on the positive effect it had on their play!


Gee Gage Cup @ Fletcher’s
Beach 2’s vs Scottish 2’s 12:30 pm

McCormick Cup @ Fletcher’s
Beach vs Scottish 2:30pm

1. There is NO tailgate at Ian’s
2. There will a bus(or buses) for fans from the Club to Fletcher’s and back—Details in a day or so
3. Wear your Blue and Gold!!! ( scarves are sold out)

Thurs Oct 23 6pm @ The Club – RSVP!!!!
about 90 guests confirmed! Special unveiling of a new rugby award!
Be ready to pump up for the Cups
Chicken and Ribs! 2 days before the Cup Finals
We expect a couple of honoured guests and a very special presentation. Many of you have already payed for the dinner but I need you to RSVP, please.

Getting Healthy!
Good to hear that Jamie Reynolds is recovering now at home after a week or so in East General with a stoke! Keep on gettin’ better JRUP THE BEACH!

Rep Rugby – Congrats to Ont Blues with 4th consecutive McTier Cup( National Champs) 45-5 win over the Rock on Sat. 6 Beachers donned Blue unies while 2 Blue and Goldies wore Rock colours! Great job!


A terrific day to end regular season play!


The pic is Brian Spanton and Judah Campbell. Judah is the rugby player from BC who severely injured his spine a while ago. Brian, Geoff and Huggy amongst others held a fundraiser at the Club last winter to assist Judah and on Sat, Judah attended our game to say thanks!. He is looking good and it is super to see this sort of respect and interaction within our rugby community.

Judah Campbell with Gord Young and Huggy at Beach 65-29 win over Stoney Creek. Continued good luck Judah!

Rep Rugby – Notes

The Ont Blues continue their quest for 4! 2 Big wins Thurs over the Prairie Wolf Pack and Sunday over the BC Bears Now 3-0 three games left, Sept 18, 21 and 27. Our friend Gord Currie reports that Beacher Hank MacQeen played a major role in the W over BC!

Anticipating Fall Cup Rugby
Anticipating Fall Cup Rugby New Pix


Ken Bingham, BBC Historian has Retired
Bing has officially retired as Club Historian but we still expect him (an Original Rugbyist) on the sidelines His sideline acumen, along with the rest of the rogues gallery is still required in the push for another Cup. Besides, he’s one of the spectators that i can see over!!!!! Ken,Thanks for all of your tireless efforts over many years. Tough shoes to fill.
Ontario Blues over The Rock

Hank MacQueen(Beach) scores the winner! Ontario Blues over The Rock.

U16 Premier Division Plate Champs

U16 Premier Division Plate Champions, 2014
Rugby Ontario is doing a survey
Rugby Ontario is doing a survey to try and contact ANYONE who has played for the Province at the Senior level! If U represented Ont at any time in the past would U kindly let me know and I will forward this info to RO on your behalf. This is not a fundraiser but an attempt to piece together some of Ontario’s elite rugby history. I appreciate Your assistance. Cheers gerry.

CRC U19 National Champs 2014

Ben Wust-Michael Douros-Lucas Rumball-CRC-U19-National-Champs-2014
Left to Right: Ben Wust, Michael Douros, Lucas Rumball CRC U19 National Champs 2014 (Newfoundland)
Really enjoyable and excellent rugby…the game vs BC being the highlight. Michael intercepted a pass and romped 70 metres for the winner…what a moment!

60th Beach Rugby Reunion
60th Beach Rugby Reunion
May 21,-24, 2015
Details coming soon!
Special Interest


  • Ryan MacSween, competed in the Hong Kong Tens last week for the Devil’s Own Wanderers. Well Done, although no games won versus very stiff opposition.
  • Liam Underwood, male Athlete of the year at Queen’s!
  • Chris Rhora and Phil Redwood as newest inductees into the Balmy Beach Sports Hall of Fame!
  • (along with Sarah Jones, Dave Thomas and “Red” Moore)