Gerry Allen Weekly Report

BEACH BEST 15 Possibles????? You make the choice and ADD others if you wish! Balmy Beach Rugby Best 15 Ballot sheet Please print!

Several announcements!

Passing of Gord Ramsay – Colin James asked me to send an email to all of you letting you know that a Celebration of Gord Ramsey’s Life will be held next Thursday, Oct 18th starting at 1:00. Further details are below and attached.

Gordon William Ramsey Memorial

As far back as everybody can remember and I apologize if I do not get all the history correct, Gord started playing rugby for the Toronto Saracens back in 1961. In fact Colin remembers that Gord was a Life Member of the Saracens before Colin joined in 1965, as Gord helped the club financially to get well established in the Rugby community at that time. Gord may have been the first Canadian-born player to play for the Saracens. Skip Ellis remembers that Gord and his brother Gerry, plus Glen Hamilton and Lorne Fisher all went to Danforth Tech, probably around 1961. Knowing all those guys they were probably at Danforth Tech for 6 or 7 years…..Gord and his brother may have played a few years for Balmy Beach before joining the Saracens.

Visit to Club By Al Major! AN INVITATION by Al Major:

  • Malvern Collegiate late 1950’s
  • Balmy Beach rugby early 1960’s
  • U of T law school and captain of U of T rugby team mid

Al has lived in Burnaby BC for the past 50 years. He will be in Toronto next week and hopes to connect with some old friends. He will be at the Balmy Beach Club Thurs Oct 25 th from 8:00pm on Oct 25th is the same night as the club kids Halloween party so an earlier arrival is not recommended.

Sr Rugby Awards Dinner Fri Oct 19th, 2018.

Info re Al Charron’s induction into Ontario Hall of Fame – The BBAA is pleased to announce and support the induction of Al Charron into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. While a fierce rival on the field Al has always been supportive of our Club; as a role model and mentor to young players, to making many appearances and presentations. When asked he always delivers. Here are the details:

  • Website: https://oshof.ca/ – you’ll note that Al is the first and only Ontario HoF inductee in the sport […]