Beach 1's - 1980-81 - HOF 2017

Kyle Nichols - HOF 2017

Capping Ceremony May 2017

Hall Of Fame Induction 2016
The Gage Family Tubs and Gee and Bruce "The Mess" Gage

Hall Of Fame 2015 - David Lougheed, Red Lipsett, Tony McGann

2015 McCormick & Gee Gage Cup Champs

Liam Underwood - World Cup 2015 vs Ireland

2014 McCormick Cup Winners - Balmy Beach Rugby Club

Gareth Rees, Red Lipsett and Brian Williams

Balmy Beach Women's Rugby

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Gerry Allen Weekly Report – Click Here

Hope you are all well and had a great Father’s Day. Unfortunately I have some new to pass along regarding Stafford Dobbin. Please put him in your thoughts. 2020 has not been too kind to him so far. He has been diagnosed with cancer, but going to another procedure to get an accurate diagnosis of the type of cancer, he suffered a stroke. This stroke has affected his speech, reading and writing but he does understand what is being said to him. His extremities were not affected so moves around alright. Stroke occurred June 10th, was in hospital for a week and is now home and will get private speech therapy. Also needs chemotherapy starting next week. You guys are all very dear to him and loves being in all your company. If you would not mind passing on the news to those who know Stafford I would appreciate it and any healing thoughts and prayers sent his way can only help. Thank you, Susan

I have some sad news to pass along – Gerry Bradshaw passed away at Scarborough General Hospital on May 26, 2020. Messages can be left on the message board at Pine Hills Funeral centre (on-line) Funeral is private but there will be a celebration of Life to be announced.

Hope you are all well.  We are beginning to see glimpses of light as both the provincial and federal government are slowly loosening restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Over the weekend you could have watched the likes of MMA, soccer and NASCAR on TV and other sports have allowed their players to resume training at their respected practice facilities like the NBA and NHL.  Hopefully rugby follows suit shortly. The link below outlines Rugby Canada’s initiative to a return to play strategy. https://rugby.ca/en/news/2020/05/rugby-canada-and-provincial-unions-establish-working-group-to-develop-return-to-play-strategy  

Also I invite you all to watch the link below and and join Kyle in helping support the Rugby Ontario Ambassador Club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj_DAPLmiIE&feature=youtu.be  

Roger “Coach” Cowan – It is with a heavy heart I’m writing to inform you that Roger “Coach” Cowan has passed away.


We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these challenging times. Covid-19 has brought about a lot of change to our community and in our daily lives. The effects of these circumstances […]




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2019 New Field Opening Pix
2019 Field Opening Pix – Click Here

2018 Alumni Dinner Pix
2018 Alumni Dinner Pix – Click Here

2017 Hall of Fame Pix
Hall of Fame Pix – Click Here

Photos – Cup Semi-Final Beach vs Scottish
Michelle Quance Photos of the Cup Semi-Final Beach-vs-Scottish

Keith & Allie 2017
Keith & Allie Pix

U18 vs Nomads 2017
U18 vs Nomads Pix

2016 Hall of Fame Pix
2016 Hall of Fame Pix

2015 Hall of Fame Pix
2015 Hall of Fame Pix

New Plan for 7s
Plans for 7s Post

Reflections… by Dick Bramley
Reflections on the Beachers and Borderers by Dick Bramley

60th Celebration
60th Photos

Excellent Article!
Rugby.ca, Rugby Canada Mag – Review McCormick Cup

2014 Webster Award Winners
Kaitlin Kelly & Waleed Popal

Cup Photos October 2014
Cup Photos

U14 Domination
U14 7’s Champs

Quinn’r at his Best
BBR U18 Post Game Chant

Kew Gardens Health Blog
Kew Gardens Health – importance of concussion screening